Cargo Jobs in Dubai UAE

Cargo Revenue Optimisation Manager Job in Dubai UAE

Company          : Emirates Group

Location           : Dubai, UAE

Timing               : Full time

Closing date     : 06 Mar 2024


• Formulate data models and support the Revenue Optimization team to identify and utilise the available cargo capacity on passenger, freighter and road feeder services to achieve optimal yield, revenue and profitability.
• Lead the implementation of revenue optimisation systems globally at shipment, flight and route levels for every passenger and freighter operations ensuring the revenue returns are in line with the tonnage and revenue objectives.
• Develop and implement a dynamic pricing model as part of the CRO strategy and adjust capacity and Entry Conditions in a real time manner to improve revenue returns.  Update The Regional Managers Commercial Operations and Pricing Managers on the actions taken on such flights and rectify inconsistencies or incorrect practices.

• Find and guess selling and market opportunities and demand on certain lanes, and work with passenger planning to suggest changes to how the planes are deployed, either at the fleet level or by tail number on specific routes, and on an as-needed basis by giving reasons and extra revenue values so that SkyCargo can look into these ways to make more money.
• As part of the RO plan, start freighter prognosis every day or every week, and help the RO teams and network stations find the right mix of traffic, density, and O&D for the freighters to make sure the rotation is profitable. Use cost/contribution management techniques and suggest ad hoc changes to the freighter’s working plans or alternative routes for shipments to make sure the end result is a cash positive situation.
• Look at changes in the value of the dollar, the price of jet fuel, and our yields and YFTK compared to the revenue plans. Lead the way in communicating with the business teams and pricing to start price corrections that will counteract changes that would hurt SkyCargo’s revenue. Tell the outstations how to better manage the capacity by shifting the mix of traffic and destinations and pushing high-end goods and other shipments with added value in order to make more money during times when the market is unstable.
• Make sure that the commercial mix and traffic flow follow the plans for revenue for the different products and services from each point of sale (POS) and certain off-hand departments (O&Ds). This can be done by looking at things like capacity, traffic flows, seasonal changes, the demand-supply equation, market dynamics, product segmentation, and more for each region, and working with the commercial teams, pricing managers, and cargo managers to come up with ways to control volumes.
• Working with the Regional Commercial Managers and the Global Accounts Manager, find new and additional business opportunities on specific trade lanes based on the RFQs from Global Forwarders. Assign the right amount of capacity to handle these volumes on specific O&Ds for their quarterly, half-yearly, or annual bids while making sure that our regular year-round traffic volumes are not affected.
• Figure out different ways to get goods along the supply chain by working with interline partners, road feeder services, code share agreements, and block space agreements; set up extra space; and tell teams how to run processes that give customers integrated solutions, which increases value while keeping promises.
• Plan and lead the team in the proactive management of shipments that have been delayed or interrupted, and come up with ways to get those shipments back to their owners with as little trouble as possible for our customers and without breaking our Deliver as Promised promises.


  •  Degree or Honours (12 + 3 or equivalent)
  •  8+ years’ experience in capacity and revenue management at a supervisory/managerial level
  •  Experience gained in an air/ cargo industry.


  •  High level of computer literacy
  •  Good communication skills
  •  Knowledge of cargo operations
  •  Knowledge of airline capacity and revenue optimisation management
  •  Knowledge of load control, weight and balance of aircraft, flight operational activities
  •  Knowledge of airline operational systems
  •  Demonstrable ability to lead a team


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