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Officer – Airport Resource Allocator & Optimization Job in Dubai UAE

Company          : Fly Dubai

Location           : Dubai, UAE

Timing               : Full time

Closing Date     : Mar 5th 2024


1.    Ensures the daily availability of adequate qualified staff to meet the requirements of the operations, considering all aspects of manpower planning calculations based on the scheduled and unscheduled tasks.
2.    Communicates real time updates directly to Airport staff ensuring work is conducted as efficient as possible and reallocates tasks as required.
3.    Keeps track of all teams on shift (schedules, locations, etc.) as well as all leave allocations, absences etc.

4. Looks over the resource management system and makes sure that all information about overtime is up to date.
5. Takes part in what-if scenario analysis testing and keeps an eye on how manpower optimization projects are carried out. Also acts as a technical link between the seller and IT for systems like planning rostering, pre-planning, and real-time control (RTC).
6. Gives feedback on resource needs and business cases that the department makes for new or extra resources, keeping the yearly budget plan, KPIs, and other factors in mind.
7. Puts unplanned plans for staffing into action to handle situations with high demand and gives feedback on how well they worked.
8. Makes 24-72-hour shift plans that take into account expected demand, schedules, and roster resources, as well as any unexpected events like sickness, flight delays, etc.
Expert understanding of the decision support system (resource management system (RMS), Real-time control (RTC), check-in system DCS, or third-party management system, etc.) is used to make operations more efficient and productive.
10. Makes sure that the staff members whose shifts are ending and those who are starting their shifts have a smooth handoff.
11. Keeps an eye on the lack of workers because of absences and works with section managers to make sure that all passenger services tasks are covered and there are no delays.
12. Looks at feedback from real-time control (RTC) and data reports on changes in engagement rules and uses that information to review and suggest new engagement standards. This will help make the plan deliver review cycle work better.
13. Makes and keeps up-to-date all regular and ad hoc reports about the KPI, short- and long-term staffing status and needs, engagement rules, and master schedules every week and every month so that senior management can make smart choices about resources and staffing.


Minimum Education Level Required

  • Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent)

Experience Specific Requirements

  • Preferred No. of Years (with Relevant Degree) – 3
  • Preferred No. of Years (without Relevant Degree) – 5

Systems, Licensing, Language or Certification Requirements

  • Experience in airport operations (preferably in fields related to resource management and scheduling)
  • Minimum of 3 years using RMS (preferably INFORM RMS



  • Customer Focus
  • Team work
  • Effective Communication
  •  Personal Accountability & Commitment to achieve
  • Resilience and Flexibility (Can do attitude)


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