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How to use Quora?

Tabs and Features of Quora

The above is the simple answer of what is Quora. But a person needs to know the tabs and features of Quora in details to get benefit of it. The features and options of Quora are as follows

The interface of Quora in above image shows that quora have six main tabs. These are

  1. Home
  2. Quora Spaces
  3. Answer
  4. Discover spaces
  5. Notification
  6. Profile
  7. Language Support

Home Tab

This option gives you the trendy questions and Posts, And shows  some questions for you. This is general tab of Quora website because it contains a little bit of every other tab of Quora.

Quora Home Tab Layout

Quora Spaces

It is the community of people on the basis of their interest and people interact in spaces, answer each other queries, shares knowledge in form of post and. Follow each other. It is similar to group in Facebook.

Discover Spaces tab

Answer Tab

The third tab of Quora shows you the some questions related to your expertise  related to questions which  you had answered in past.

Quora Answer Tab Layout

Discover spaces

Fourth tap of Quora is discover spaces, which shows the spaces relevant to you interest, so that you can participate, Share and get knowledge from these spaces.

Notification Tab

This tab shows latest notification like you have achieved 1000 reviews, or someone have requested you for answer.

Quora Notification tab


The fourth tab of Quora shows your profile and account. It has following options

  1. Message: for personal interaction with someone.
  2. Monetization: for earning through your content
  3. Content and stats: it shows which post or your answer is getting how much views
  4. Bookmark: it is the content which you have saved and which is important to you you and your want to remember.
  5. Draft: its show’s your incomplete answer and articles, that you can complete and post anytime.
Quora Profile Tab


The use of Quora is discussed above in tabs of Quora.

Benefits of Quora

1.Personal Benefits

2.Business Benefits (Business promotion and Marketing)

3.Blogger Benefits

4.Earning Money from Quora

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