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Benefits of Quora for  a blogger

“Quora is the source of life time traffic on blog because your content remains on Quora for life time, so write quality Content”.

As a blogger you can get huge traffic on your blog through Quora. People answer the questions relevant to their blog shorty and provide link of blog as detail answer at Quora, and they get normal traffic out of it. On contrary, if you find trendy question on Quora and write blog on it and provide link at end of answer, then its source of getting huge traffic. For this you have to follow the following steps

1. Find Quora questions that rank on first page of google search engine

It is the first and most important step to get traffic from Quora. i.e. to Find Quora questions that rank on first page of google search engine

For example

“Fiverr payment Gateways” is Quora question which ranks on first page of google search Engine.

Google search “Fiverr payment Gateways”

2. Write blog on that questions

The 2nd step is to right blog on your website of those ranked Quora questions and include other related things in blog.

For example

You can write blog on Fiverr and can include that answer in it.

3. Answer ranked Quora questions with your blog link

The third step is to answer the ranked Quora question and put your blog Link and the end of answer. Write answer as attractive as possible and also include pictures in answer, so that your answer would not violate the Quora policies.

4. Get upvote on your answer

The 4th step is to get minimum 2 upvote on first day of your answer. In this way when people sreach that question on Google and open the Quora frim top, they find your answer and link at end of answer, by clicking the Link they would be redirected to your blog and you get traffic.


Above is the easy procedure to get traffic on your blog. I.e answering Quora ranked questions and giving relevant blog link at end to get traffic on your blog. These questions get thousands of traffic daily and you can get a huge part of that traffic.

Benefits of Quora

1.Personal Benefits

2.Business Benefits (Business promotion and Marketing)

3.Earning Money from Quora

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