Company          : GAL

Location           : Dubai, UAE

Timing               : Full time



1.Supervises and provides technical guidance to subordinate personnel performing maintenance on ALSE/NVG equipment.
2. Evaluates maintenance operations and facilities for compliance with directives, technical manuals, work standards, safety procedures, and operational policies.
3. Ensures subordinates manage all forms and records in accordance with DA PAM 738-751 and related publications.
4. Performs maintenance trend analysis and applies production control, quality control and other maintenance management principles and procedures to ALSE/NVG repair shop operations.
5. Instructs personnel and conducts technical training in ALSE/NVG equipment and related components on maintenance, supply, and safety procedures.

6. Assesses the technical training program for employees of the host country.
7. Acts as the central location for all requisitions for parts, tools, shop stock, and supplies.
8. Upholds responsibility for any instruments and apparatus entrusted to the workshop.
9. Maintains an up-to-date technical library in line with the goals and inventory of the store.
10. Fit examinations and modifications should be carried out on the different flying helmets, oxygen masks, survival vests, and other ALSE equipment that are assigned to military and contractor flight crew members.
11. In charge of all issues pertaining to the safety of the workers and tools used in the ASE Workshop.
12. In charge of supervising, advising, and counseling every employee under their supervision.
13. In charge of improving Shop’s capabilities.



– High School Completion of a formal ALSE training course from an accredited military or civilian school.
– Completion of a formal NVG training course from an accredited military/civilian school or an approved on the job training program (OJT).
– Knowledgeable on The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS).

– Minimum of 10 Years Must have a minimum of 10 years’ experience working on ALSE/NVG equipment including over water flotation devices. A thorough background in the full spectrum of aviator flight equipment, pyrotechnics, hot/cold climate survival kits, and proper use of each is required.
– Minimum of 3 years supervisory experience.
– Experience of material Handling, Inventory and supply procedures.
– Experience of Handling and storing of Pyrotechnics associated with ALSE equipment.Experience and knowledge of oxygen equipment specifically PHODS, survival egress air SEA LVand chemical warfare would be advantageous.


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