Senior Document Control Job in UAE

Senior Document Control Job in UAE

Company          : Worley

Location           : Abu Dhabi , UAE

Timing               : Full time



  •    Receives and stores all documents in accordance with the established procedures. Identifies and segregates all documents by Project number and files in accordance with the Project numbering system. Directs the reproduction, collation and distribution of documents for appropriate functional departments.
  • Assist PMC personnel in locating and retrieving documents from archives and ensure their safe return.
  • Liaise with PMC personnel to ensure the receipt of complete documents, updated drawings, specifications or other Project documents in accordance with specific EPC Contract conditions.
  • Prepare and follow-up requisitions for all documents, drawings and printing needs.
  • Maintain monitoring system for all incoming technical documents from EPC Contractor.
  • Establish and maintain listing of all Project Technical documents, specifications and drawings.
  • Oversee, control and screen all approaching and active Undertaking records, generation and appropriation to the Proprietor, PMC group and the EPC Project worker.
  • Utilization of scanner for transformation of all vital records to electronic documents/PDF for simple access and conveyance.
  • Recognize all records that need maintenance or expulsion from the Undertaking documentation room.
  • Deal with the chronicling framework for the office documentation room and assess and suggest the
  • strategies for filing, cross ordering and inventoriing of all archives and drawings.
  • Guarantee the legitimate development of the As-constructed status of the reports and partake with the EPC Worker for hire in arranging these records.
  • Keep up with modern duplicates of PMC and Proprietor cycles and particulars.
  • Orchestrate, isolate and give drawings, Seller Manuals and all records to the important Proprietor Concerned Groups.
  • Coordinate the legitimate taking care of, following of Proprietor specialized documentation.



  •  Bachelor Degree
  • Previous experience as PMC Consultant is required and ACONEX software experience is must.


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