Records Coordinator Job in Dubai UAE

Records Coordinator Job in Dubai UAE

Company          : American University in Duba

Location           : Dubai, UAE

Timing               : Full time



• Record Management:
o Organize and maintain physical and electronic student records, ensuring they are accurate, complete, and upto-date.
o Create and manage a filing system for student records and other departmental documents.
• Archiving:
o Periodically review records to identify documents that can be archived.
o Develop and implement an archiving system to store historical records securely.
• Data Entry:
o Accurately input and update student information in the student information system, including course
registrations, grades, and personal details.
• Compliance and Regulations:
o Ensure compliance with all university policies and relevant state and federal regulations regarding recordkeeping and data protection.
o Assist in maintaining confidentiality and security of student records.
• Document Retrieval:
o Assist university staff, faculty, and students in retrieving necessary documents and records.
o Respond to inquiries regarding records professionally and efficiently.
• Quality Control:
o Review documents and records for accuracy and completeness, identifying and rectifying discrepancies when
• Support Departmental Operations:
o Assist with special projects and initiatives within the Office of the Registrar as needed.
o Provide administrative support, including answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, and managing
office supplies.
• Issuing University Identification Cards:
o Follow up with all new students to upload their pictures;
o Issue Student and Faculty/Staff ID cards.
o Issue Alumni Cards for all graduates
• Print replacement cards for the missing or damaged ones.


  •  Computer proficiency
  •  Bachelor’s degree
  •  Office experience
  •  Arabic writing and speaking


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