Public Area Attendant Job in Dubai UAE

Public Area Attendant Job in Dubai UAE

Company          : fourseason

Location           : Dubai, UAE

Timing               : Full time



  1.   Is directly responsible for the day to day key processes in his/her area of work.
    2.    Assists his/her supervisor in executing the day to day operational requirements.
    3.    Assumes training responsibilities when required; demonstrates a high degree of standards awareness; promotes teamwork and acts as role model.
    4.    Attends all scheduled training sessions.
    5.    Actively offers operational, employee and customer (internal and external) related feedback to management.
    6.    Displays warmth, care and genuine enthusiasm when dealing with guests and internal customers; lives the Golden Rule.
    7.    Adheres to the hotel’s code of conduct and grooming & hygiene standards.
  2. 8. Is regarded as being hands-on, supporting coworkers during difficult times, and being a role model.
    9. Takes an active part in meetings and briefings.
    10. Encourages a safe working environment and keeps the workspace neat and organized.
    11. Follows hotel standards and performs assigned cleaning and self-inspection of public spaces.
    12. Has a high level of product expertise and pertinent technical abilities. Stays informed about goings-on at the hotel.
    13. Shows true kindness and appreciation in the workplace. advertises hotel goods and services.
    14. Takes initiative to address requests and concerns from guests and anticipates their needs; takes immediate action to guarantee visitor satisfaction. When a chance arises, provides a unique touch of service.




  •     To report to your Supervisor anything or anyone suspicious.
  •    To report to the Supervisor anything this may be a Health and Safety hazard.
  •    To complete accurately the control lists at times as advised by your supervisor.
  •    To report any missing items from public areas.
  •    Maintain and clean the public washrooms.  Each washroom to be checked each hour as a minimum
  •    Clean all glass doors and mirrors in public areas.


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