Kitchen Staff Job in Dubai UAE

Kitchen Staff Job in Dubai UAE

Company          : Talina

Location           : Dubai, UAE

Timing               : Full time



  • Ensure compliance with food safety regulations and protocols to maintain a hygienic kitchen environment.
  • Effectively manage time to prioritize tasks and ensure timely food preparation and service.
  • Work with other people on the team to run the kitchen smoothly and provide excellent service.
  • Keep your cool when things get tough and deal with stressful situations to keep up your work and service quality.
  • Talk to your bosses and team members clearly to keep things running smoothly and plan tasks.
  • Give great customer service by answering questions, fixing problems, and making sure customers are happy.
  • Do well in a fast-paced workplace where getting things done quickly and making decisions quickly are important.



  • The ideal candidate should have at least 2 years of practical experience working as kitchen staff, demonstrating proficiency in various kitchen tasks and responsibilities.
  • Must have a strong understanding of food safety protocols to ensure a hygienic kitchen environment.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks effectively and manage time efficiently to meet kitchen deadlines.
  • Collaborate effectively with team members to ensure smooth kitchen operations.
  • Ability to handle high-pressure situations and stressful environments with composure.
  • Clear and effective communication skills to interact with colleagues and supervisors.
  • Provide exceptional customer service and address customer needs professionally.
  • Adapt well to a fast-paced work environment where efficiency and quick thinking are essential.


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