Human Resources Assistant Job in UAE

Human Resources Assistant Job in UAE

Company          : Rina

Location           : Abu Dhabi, UAE

Timing               : Full time



  • Support in the administrative employment process, ensuring compliance with legal requirements;
  • Collect, draft and record documentation concerning the whole employment relationship (employment contracts, relocations, changes in contractual conditions, etc.);
  • Support enrolment of interns/trainees;
  • Make sure HR databases are updated efficiently and on schedule;
  • Help HR personnel with timesheet and time and attendance management; make sure compliance with applicable regulations is controlled; and offer pertinent reporting (e.g. attendance, absences, overtime, unused vacations).


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
  • Level of experience:  Entry Level


  • CLIENT INTIMACY: To guarantee utmost satisfaction, embrace internal and external clients’ wants, expectations, and requirements.
  • EARN TRUST: Consider the opinions of all people and show tolerance for differences.
  • ENSURE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Set an example of steadfastness by honoring your word.
  • MANAGE EMOTIONS: Acknowledge one’s own and other people’s feelings, then communicate and control your responses.
  • PIONEER CHANGE: Activately welcome change and capitalize on the novel situation
  • CREATE A NETWORK: Establish trusting connections with people inside and outside the company.
  • ACTUALLY MAKE DECISIONS – Organize tasks based on constraints, actions, priorities, and resources.
  • APPROACH THE WAY: Take a broad view of many circumstances and reframe them from a different angle.
  • THINK FORWARD: Make the most of past experiences by incorporating them into future action plans.


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