General Cashier Job in Dubai UAE

General Cashier Job in Dubai UAE

Company          : FIVE Hotels and Resorts

Location           : Dubai, UAE

Timing               : Full time



  • Executes the ‘FIVE-Star’ processing of cash, cheques, and credit card payments from Guests and various hotel Departments.
  • Employs exquisite Counting Techniques, ensuring Verification and Meticulous Recording of all cash transactions.
  • Safeguards cash with a Commitment to Maintaining a Secure and Organised cash-handling environment, reflecting a remarkable approach to Financial Responsibility.
  • Undertakes the Collection and Deposition of Foreign Currency, emphasizing a sensational approach to Handling Diverse Forms of Monetary Exchange.
  • Maintains up-to-date Records of daily Cash Transactions.
  • Daily Cash Reports are made and sent to the Finance Manager, showing attention to detail and a dedication to providing a high level of service.
  • Correct cash discrepancies with an amazing level of accuracy, looking into and fixing any differences that may come up.
  • Makes sure the deposit process is top-notch by organizing and putting daily cash collections in the bank, which shows a strong desire for financial excellence.
  • Matches deposit slips with daily cash reports while following the highest standards of accuracy in the business.
  • Keeps a high level of organization and openness by managing and replenishing petty cash for different areas.
  • Keeps thorough records of all small cash deals and receipts.
  • Works with other hotel departments to make it easier for people to pay with cash and answer financial questions in a “FIVE-Styled” way.
  • Offers help to the front desk, food and beverage, and other departments with cash-related issues.
  • Follows all financial and accounting rules and guidelines carefully, showing a dedication to following the rules.
  • Offers great customer service and answers guests’ questions about bills and payments with a “FIVE-Star” attitude.
  • Takes care of guest complaints or concerns about financial transactions in a polite and professional way, always bringing the “Vibe at FIVE” with them.
  • Helps with both internal and external audits.
  • looks into and reports any financial activities that seem fishy or don’t make sense.


  • A proven track record in a Cashier or Financial Role and a High School Diploma or equivalent Qualification are preferred.
  • Impeccable communication skills, both verbal and written, with fluency in English.
  • Exceptional skills in Improving Customer Satisfaction and Driving Profitability, showcasing a commitment to Industry-Leading Standards.
  • Exceptional Time Management and Multi-Tasking skills to oversee busy operations and deliver accurate billings.
  • A Proactive Nature, coupled with a meticulous Eye for Detail, ensuring every aspect of Audit Operations is curated to perfection, and all revenue gets recorded in the POS.
  • Superior Problem-Solving Skills and the competence to Exceed Expectations in dynamic and competitive operational environments.
  • Essential competence in Math to efficiently process Cash, Credit and Card Transactions while providing exceptional Customer Service.
  • Strong familiarity with and understanding of POS (Micros) Systems and Basic Accounting Software is a Plus.
  • A hands-on attitude, fuelled by a ‘Can-Do!’ Spirit.


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