Flight Attendant  Job in Dubai UAE

Flight Attendant/ DC Aviation  Job in Dubai UAE

Company          : Al Futtaim Private Company LLC

Location           : Dubai, UAE

Timing               : Full time



  • Ensuring all GCAA and DC Aviation Al-Futtaim company requirements are upheld when reporting for duty (correct documentation is carried; fit to fly and carry out all Cabin Crew duties).
  • Participating in pre-flight safety briefing with Cockpit Crew and Purser.
  • Maintaining and adhering to DC Aviation Al-Futtaim grooming standards.
  • Conducting pre-flight checks of on-board Safety & Emergency equipment in their relevant area, reporting any defects to the Commander immediately.
  • Conducting a pre-flight and post-flight security check in their relevant area, reporting a cabin clear or any findings to the Commander immediately.
  • checking the in-flight entertainment system and cabin management system before to takeoff, and reporting any issues to the commander right away.
  • locating, placing, inspecting, and storing all on-board food in a secure, expert manner.
  • confirming prior to takeoff that all necessary cabin amenities, servicing equipment, and paperwork are on hand and in functioning order.
  • greets and helps visitors as they board the aircraft.
  • Conducts the obligatory pre-flight passenger safety briefing on DC Aviation Al-Futtaim with confidence.
  • Giving the Cockpit Crew prompt notice of the “Cabin Secure” alert.
  • delivering top-notch DCAF Quality Customer Service to every passenger while in flight, helping those who might need extra assistance.
  • Ensuring the cleanliness, orderliness, and security of the cabin, galley, restrooms, and crew rest area throughout the taxi, takeoff, turbulence, and landing.
  • Cleaning, re-stocking and de-catering the aircraft.
  • Attending a monthly Aircraft Review Day.
  • Assisting when required at the DC Aviation Al-Futtaim FBO facility.
  • Other duties / tasks as assigned by management within scope of area of responsibility



  • Successful completion of GCAA approved aircraft specific Safety & Emergency training.
  • Successful completion of all relevant internal DC Aviation Al-Futtaim training courses.
  • High level knowledge of relevant GCAA regulations and procedures relating to the role.
  • High level of experience in VVIP aviation / First Class service.


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