CREW Job in Dubai UAE

QHSE CREW Job in Dubai UAE

Company          : Emirates Flights

Location           : Dubai, UAE

Timing               : Full time



1. Participate in random inspections to identify hazards and risks, informing the Production team\QHSE Lead, and implementing corrective measures to prevent accidents and injuries, fostering a safer work environment.

2. Monitor critical limits daily, ensuring compliance with safety standards and contributing to a secure operational setting.

3. Calibrate and ensure all portable electrical equipment used by the safety team is in working condition, maintaining a reliable safety infrastructure.

4. Check the tools and make sure that SOPs are being followed to make sure that the highest safety standards are always met.

5. Check emergency exits, fire drills, and first aid kits, making notes on what needs to be done to improve emergency preparation and safety at work.

6. Quickly file event reports when needed, which makes it easier to deal with possible safety problems quickly.

7. Back the QHSE Take the lead in safety campaigns, safety cascades, and internal safety campaigns, and help improve OHS performance and lower risks. Also, hold trainings on the needs that were brought up in non-conformance reports.

8. File nonconformance reports and keep track of corrective steps to make sure that quality standards keep getting better.

9. Check the product every day to make sure that the standard and specifications are met at each stage of production. This will help the product be consistently excellent.

10. Make sure that products are packed according to what customers want by randomly tasting every day and keeping quality standards high.

11. Help analyze customer complaints to find ways to make things better and raise the quality of the offering as a whole.


a)Higher Secondary School Certificate or equivalent qualification.

a)Minimum 1 year of experience in a similar position.



a)Fluency in spoken and written English

b)Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Proactively carry out assigned tasks and projects to completion with minimal supervision


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