Aviation Job in Dubai UAE

Officer – Aviation Security Threats & Risks Job in Dubai UAE

Company          : Fly Dubai

Location           : Dubai, UAE

Timing               : Full time

Closing Date    : Jul 26th 2024


  • Collects data on daily global security events to support the development of knowledge and trends about the intentions, motivations, capabilities, plans, recruitment techniques, and leaders of criminal and terrorist organizations and individuals.
  • Provides support during the entire process of producing actionable intelligence that forms the basis of the Security Risk Management Program.
  • Monitors and reviews submitted security reports, analyzes results, and derives trends to present to management.
  • Supports proactive monitoring and collection of publicly available information utilizing open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools.
  • keeps an eye on world events to assess the capabilities and goals of violent non-state actors, state actors, and criminal organizations.
  • helps identify potential threats to the infrastructure of civil aviation, with a focus on those that could disrupt the airline’s operations and assets.
  • keeps databases current and has a thorough awareness of the dangers and trends associated with civil aviation operations.
  • helps with the creation and distribution of papers, presentations, and briefings about the threats to aviation security.
  • Examines the veracity, relevance, correctness, and validity of the information sources.
  • Helps complete Security Risks Analysis so that documentation may be shared with upper management of the organization for well-informed operational decisions.
  • supports the development and upkeep of flydubai’s security culture in accordance with the IATA Security Management Systems (SeMS) guidelines.



Minimum Education Level

  •    Bachelors degree (3+ years)

Certifications (if applicable)

  •    Preferable – Certification or equivalent approval by the appropriate authority or Association e.g. IATA Aviation Security Certifications or Risk Assessment Certifications
  •    Security Management Systems (SeMS) Certification
  •    Basic Aviation Security Certification


  •  Fluent in English


Years with Qualifications

  • 3

Years without Qualifications (if applicable)

  • 5

Professional Experience

  • A minimum of 3 years of Aviation Security experience


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