Assistant Restaurant Manager Job in UAE

Assistant Restaurant Manager Job in UAE

Company          : Emirates Palace

Location           : Abu Dhabi, UAE

Timing               : Full time

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  • Responsible for Restaurant Supervisor, Waiter / Waitress, Host / Hostess.
  • Set an example by reporting to duty punctually wearing business attire according to the hotels dress code & grooming standards, maintaining a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times.
  • Assist in leading the restaurant / outlet efficiently in costs and expenses, constantly delivering the highest quality as well as driving high top line revenue and profit.
  • Provide a professional and courteous service at all times and ensure that all employees of the assigned outlet follow the example.
  • The place of work and the area around it should always be clean and well-organized.
  • Take over as Manager in Charge when the Restaurant Manager isn’t there.
  • Know everything that the hotel has to give in terms of services and goods.
  • Fully grasp the idea behind the outlet and take on teaching duties as asked by the restaurant manager.
  • Figure out how to read the department’s monthly profit and loss account.
  • Hold all talks at the outlet when the Outlet Manager isn’t there.
  • Assigned department should do upselling on all things they sell and also offer alternatives.
  • Help people in the outlet talk to each other and go to daily or weekly meetings with the culinary team to encourage teamwork and keep the restaurant growing for more success.
  • Attend and participate in all staff meetings, departmental trainings, and hotel-initiated trainings that are planned.
  • Know how to use the current point-of-sale system based on the amount of responsibility assigned by the department.
  • Help make reports and analyses of the outlet and go to the monthly meeting to talk about success.
  • Help run the store most efficiently in terms of costs and expenses, always providing the best quality, and bringing in a lot of money.
  • Know how to use the current point-of-sale system based on the amount of responsibility assigned by the department.
  • Knowing how to explain and upsell all the items that your area sells, as well as giving customers other options, is important.
  • Plan your daily routine plan and how to divide up your stations based on your work schedule.
  • Help the Outlet Manager put together reports and analyses for the monthly performance meeting that are special to each outlet.
  • Attend and add to all staff meetings, departmental trainings, and trainings set up by the hotel.
  • Go to all of the trainings that the department says you need to.
  • Attend pre-shift meetings every day to talk to employees about preparation, service, and the menu offered.
  • Tell the Restaurant / Outlet Manager right away about any problems that need to be dealt with by a manager.
  • As asked by the restaurant or outlet manager, organize the review of the updated operations guidebook for the outlet once a year. Help with tasks and working together with suppliers. Assist with regularly
  • planned inventories of goods and working tools.
  • Do reasonable jobs and other duties that the head of the department gives you.
  • As told by the hotel management, make any changes to the area that need to be made.
  • Take care of customer questions and issues in the store in a polite and quick way, and then report to the head of the department or assistant head of the department, making sure that the guest is followed up with.
  • Make sure that the set steps for opening and closing the outlet are followed.
  • Run the food and drink department when the head of the department and assistant head of the department aren’t there.
  • Give your subordinates tasks that they can do at the same time and check in on them from time to time to see how they’re doing.
  • Take part in all daily or weekly meetings about food and drinks when the restaurant or outlet manager isn’t there.


  • High School qualification or equivalent, Degree or Higher National Diploma in Hospitality
  • Previous experience on the same role in a high-end restaurant with the highest level of service is preferred
  • International work experience in at least two of the following regions: Asia, Europe, North America and preferably Middle East
  • Hotel or Bar pre-opening or renovation experience is preferred
  • Self Confidence and conviction
  • Integrity, trustworthiness
  • Self-development


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