Airfreight Jobs in Dubai UAE

Regional Airfreight Sector Product Head Job in Dubai UAE

Company          : DHL

Location           : Dubai, UAE

Timing               : Full time



  • You will define sector product strategy in alignment with the overall product strategy, objectives and policies.
  • You will drive operational plans, measures, and budgets to achieve defined results for the sector.
  • You will execute and implement the sector strategy and roadmap in relevant geographies.
  • You will produce, coach, and develop global win plans for the sector community and opportunities.
  • You will identify key trends in the industry and collaborate with stakeholders to develop innovative solutions.
  • Together with regional or country teams, you will set up global infrastructure and operations that are specific to a field.
  • To drive product growth and margins, you will set up business and operational rules and procedures.
  • You will keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and come up with segment strategies and business plans for that area.
  • You will give high-level advice to people around the world about the field and regions.
  • You will keep up with the rules and regulations that apply to your field and let the right teams know about any changes or updates.
  • You will be the main person people in the community can talk to about customers or shipments that have to do with your field.
  • You will be in charge of planning, organizing, and running very important business actions and product projects.
  • It is your job to help with sales, account management, and business development for that area.
  • You will be a part of business development possibilities for the sector, such as QBR and RFQ activities.
  • You will be in charge of making marketing plans, choosing the most important study questions, suggesting sales channels, and giving advice on how to promote the product.
  • You will find things that can be done better and put plans into action to make operations in the field more efficient and effective.
  • You will encourage everyone in the field and industry management to keep getting better and share the best ways to do things.
  • You will use performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to keep an eye on and measure operational success and make sure it fits with clear goals and objectives.
  • You will work with teams from different departments to improve general operational performance, streamline processes, and make the best use of resources.
  • You will find operational risks in the field and take steps to reduce them, making sure that rules and regulations are followed.
  • You will come up with and put in place quality controls and compliance measures to make sure that rules, standards, and guidelines specific to the field are followed.
  • You will set up and keep an eye on processes and procedures to make sure that the quality of the products and the uniformity of the sector as a whole.
  • You will do regular checks and assessments to find places where rules aren’t being followed and take steps to fix them.
  • You will work with internal stakeholders to make sure that all compliance rules are followed in the field.
  • You will help the sector keep a high level of quality and compliance in all of its activities by giving it advice and support.
  • You will work with several project teams and let the Global Head of Products & Services and the Head of AFR Global know right away about the resources they need.
  • Once the product is set up, you will make a detailed financial plan and a complete EBIT growth plan.
  • You will provide indirect management oversight, such as coaching help and dotted line responsibility for project members.


  • Master’s Degree in relevant field
  • 8 years’ experience or more in the industry


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