Aircraft Loading Supervisor Job in Dubai UAE

Aircraft Loading Supervisor Job in Dubai UAE

Company          : Emirates Group

Location           : Dubai, UAE

Timing               : Full time

Closing date      : 11 Apr 2024


  •     Implements departmental policies, processes, procedures and provides instructions to the team on the day of operations and ensures compliance with the established standards and procedures. z
  •     Ensures that safety briefings are conducted regularly while intervening when there is risk exposure, role model safe behaviours and follows up on corrective actions.
  •  Leads a group of workers on the day of operations, doing all the loading and running of equipment to make sure that all arrival and exit flights go smoothly and safely.
  •  Coaches staff or team members to improve their skills and make sure they do their best work.
  •  Keeps an eye on the return process to make sure that resources are available on time and that the work is done correctly and in line with safety standards.
  •  Talks to team members and service partners on a daily basis to make sure all flights are handled on time and any problems are solved quickly.
  •  Keeps an eye on the loading process to make sure the plane is loaded according to the load sheet, the Loading Instruction Report Form (LIRF), and any other papers that are needed for arrival, departure, and turnaround flights.
  •  Coordinates with and regularly speaks with Customer Service Team Leaders about the status of boarding, any offloading of passengers, and numbers to make sure that the final load-planning information is correct and up to date.
  •  Tells the boss on shift about any problems with Ground Services Equipment (GSE).
  •  Works with the cabin and flight crew to get information about boarding clearance and fuel levels and makes sure that this information gets to the boarding team and load control.



•    High School with a Certificate ( 12 years of schooling) OR Diploma.
•    High School with a certificate: 4-6 years of experience in in ground handling / aircraft handling or customer services.
•    Diploma degree: 2-4 years of experience in ground handling / aircraft handling or customer services.
•    UAE Driving Licence in order to gain ADP to operate equipment.
•    Fundamentals of Load Control.
•    Proficient understanding of Airline Requirements.
•    Advanced understanding of the Turnaround Process.
•    Proficient Supervisory Skills.
•    Proficient understanding of dnata’s airport operations KPIs.
•    English Language Skills


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