Company          : LINEN CRAFT

Location           : Dubai, UAE

Timing               : Full time



  • Ensure compliance to all Health and Safety policies.
  • Reports any Health and Safety hazards to immediate head.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of all OHS related documentation and reporting of data.
  • Assist in the induction of the new recruits by endorsing them to operations for on-the-job inductions.
  • Brief new staff and provide them information on staff transportation schedules, housing assignment, duty schedules.
  • Coordinates issues / complaints concerning delivery notes, wrong encoding and other problems to ensure proper month end reconciliation and error free invoicing.
  • To make sure that numbers are correct, check and double-check that data entries match up with production reports.
  • Send papers and daily reports.
  • Monthly bills and goods
  • Take an active role in lowering the prices of office consumption (comparison).
  • Keep track of all the important information that affects how people are planned and assigned.
  • Putting together info from different units to help figure out how much work machines and workers need to do to meet production goals.
  • Look over dirty linen records from all of the Linencraft parts before you make the dispatch papers.
  • To answer all incoming calls in a friendly, polite, and professional way, and to make sure that notes are dealt with properly.
  • To keep up with similar trends. report on the production method (daily and monthly)
  • Help the LAM put together data for all units that is linked to the production goal and key performance indicators (KPIs) so that management can use it.
  • Record of temporary staff attendance
  • As part of your general clerical tasks, you may need to copy, mail, file, and keep track of documents.
  • Make schedules for each area and give them to the administrative assistant to enter into the TAAS.
  • To make sure that reports are correct, you should ask the Assistant Manager of Laundry for advice and permission before making any changes to delivery notes or the different output reports.
  • Makes daily consolidated production reports that include information about water hardness, equipment availability, downtime, real counts of linens processed, man hours, logistics movements, and vehicle availability to help management make decisions.
  • For correct billing and sharing, make sure that all of the agency staff’s attendance records are correct.
  • Takes issues and problems about dispatch paper and fixes them.
  • Discrepancies found during the month-end accounting process should be fixed so that they show up on the reports.
  • Takes care of all of the employees’ operations administration needs by working with the appropriate section heads.
  • Gets messages from Operations and sends them out.


  • High school certificate
  • 1  to  2 years in customer service or related field


  • Computer skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Eye for detail
  • Patience in dealing with a diverse work force.
  • Good with figures
  • Honest


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