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Suparco internship program application is open to apply, and the majority of you are asking How to apply for Suparco internship 2022? So today, this post is for those who want to know about the application process for the Suparco internship. As you all know, an internship is related to science and technology. Students looking for an internship opportunity in Science & Technology fields are highly encouraged to apply for this internship program During the internship program, internees will have a chance to have good knowledge regarding Space and Upper Atmosphere research.

Both Male/Students are invited to apply for this internship program. The internship program aims to deliver growth and learning processes to the students related to fields of engineering, space science, and technology. Suparco is seeking hardworking students with an excellent educational background to join their internship program. During the internship, students will have excellent knowledge of administrative work and technological work by assigning them challenging assignments under the supervision of professional scientists.

The duration of the internship is 4-5 weeks; candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply. If you have an interest in science and technology, you should not miss out on this opportunity. Students belonging to any city of Pakistan can apply for this internship program; the application process is entirely online and accessible. All students are requested to submit their application form before 22nd march; otherwise, Suparco will reject them. The application will be accepted online; no other method of applying would be entertained.

The internship will be held in Peshawar, Karachi & Islamabad. Now, let’s guide you about how to apply for Suparco Internship? What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling down and checking the details given below?

Details About Suparco Internship 2022

  • Company: SUPARCO
  • Internship Duration: 4-5 weeks
  • Program Announced: Internship
  • Location: KHI,ISB,PWR
  • Degree Required: Bachelors
  • Deadline: 22-Mar-22


The SUPACO came into being after realizing the importance of Space Science & Technology. SUPARCO is responsible for conducting research work in space science and technology.

Internship at Suparco:

The internship programs are considered an essential part of students’ learning. An internship supports developing your skilled talent, strengthens individual qualities, and provides more significant doors to opportunity. During the training, students learn how to interact with professionals in the workplace and develop vital soft skills like problem-solving, time management, teamwork, and adaptability.

SUPARCO delivers a forum to the university students to achieve hands-on understanding in research and other practical learning under the direction of a mentor in a relevant field.

Fields Available in Suparco Internship 2022

Available in Islamabad:

  • Space science
  • Environmental science
  • Mathematics
  • Remote sensing and GIS
  • Hydrology
  • Statistics
  • Agriculture

Available in Karachi:

  • Space science
  • Communication
  • Mechanical
  • Remote sensing and GIS
  • Physics
  • Aerospace
  • Software engineering
  • Computer systems
  • Electronics
  • Computer science
  • Environmental science
  • Geography
  • Manufacturing

Available in Peshawar:

  • Geomatics
  • Geography
  • Environmental science
  • Geology

Internship Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates need to fulfill the following criteria for SUPARCO Internship:

  1. Both Male/Female students are welcome to apply for this internship
  2. Candidates belonging from any city of Pakistan can apply
  3. Interested students must have an excellent academic record
  4. Education required a bachelor’s degree
  5. Students in their final year of bachelors program can also apply

How to Apply for Suparco Internship 2022?

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Follow the following steps for the internship program:

The application process is entirely online; you need to follow the following steps to apply:

  • Step One: After going through the official link given at the bottom of the page, students must select the specific field they are applying for.
  • Step Two: Students need to sign in to their portal for the other application process after selecting the field.
  • Step Three: Now, students need to fill out an application form by providing the complete details.
  • Sparco Internship Deadline:
  • The last date for submitting an online application is 22nd March 2022.
  • If you are interested in the Suparco Internship program 2022, visit the official link is given below:

Click Here to Apply For Suparco Internship 2022

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